Comparing Two of Australia’s Best Ecommerce Scalable Software: Shopify vs Magento

Comparing Two of Australia’s Best Ecommerce Scalable Software: Shopify vs Magento

What should one consider when choosing an ecommerce solution? Here are two of Australia’s best ecommerce scalable software compared: Shopify vs Magento! Read and make the right choice!

Let’s face it – there are a whole lot of ecommerce platforms, solutions, shopping carts, and options out there.

When it comes to finding and choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business, there is no one-size fits all solution. You need to look at where your business is now and where you think it will in 5,10 or 20 years. It is essential to choose a platform that can scale and go all the way on that ecommerce business journey with you.

Here are the things one should consider when choosing an ecommerce solution:

  • Compare: When it comes to comparing ecommerce solutions, one should always consider time, money, support, and security. You need a system with a stable technical and structural support, as well as, security for all of your orders, online payments, transactions, and details.
  • Make it integrate: One shouldn’t waste money on a platform that doesn’t integrate with your current systems. Choosing a platform that fits perfectly in and addresses the needs of your customers is the right thing to do. Do you have an active group of customers and business partners that like to share product comments? Do you want the online inventory to update? Consider every activity and make sure you find a system that can optimize the important elements.
  • Out of the box or open source? Australians favor fully hosted and out of the box platforms but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try an open-source solution.

Shopify vs Magento Scalable Software

This user-friendly platform is perfect for Australian businesses that want to go big. It is super easy to use and even though it is a closed source ecommerce solution, it comes with a high level of tech support which is perfect if you are just taking your business online. With a set of modern and stylish templates, excellent blog capabilities, and good analytic features, it is perfect for pushing your brand to the next level.

Magento is a leading solution for Australian businesses who appreciate great functionality, design, future-proofing, and flexibility. When compared to Shopify, Magento is an expensive option. It is great for extensions and the open-source structure means it is 100% customizable. The biggest downside is that you are responsible for hosting, security, and updates.

There you go – two of Australia’s best ecommerce platforms compared! Time to decide!

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